News from the Farm Yard

Our four legged new additions are settling into life at Pinewood very well. The piglets have huge appetites and are growing at the rate of knots, and our calf is very much enjoying stretching her very long legs, having been recently moved into the front field. She is also mastering the art of escape , having made a Houdini style breakout of the small paddock – this is becoming a bit of a Pinewood cattle tradition…..hmm!


Tis the Season of Soup!

We have a new selection of fresh soups from’ Atkins& Potts’ and ‘Tideford’ now available in the Farm Shop. Offering flavour combinations such as Organic Red Lentil Soup with Apricots & Chillies and Sweet Potato Soup with Chia seed & Quinoa, they will not only warm your cockles but broaden your taste horizons – Yum! Soup also complies with the strict healthy eating obligations of January ( which always seem to peter out by February… glass of wine anyone?!)


Feed the Birds ( and the squirrels!)

The birds may have to wait a little longer for nature to take its course, so top up your bird tables and feeders with something from our Peckish and Natures Feast bird food range. Watching the birds and squirrels soap opera from our kitchen window has become rather a hobby of Henrys ( my 5 year old) and mine…addictive viewing I promise you!